We are revolutionizing African forestry by building a “virtual plantation" across tens of thousands of small-holder farms.


Africa faces a daunting wood supply crisis. With booming populations and accelerating economies, most regions consume much more wood than they grow. Wood prices are climbing, and surging deforestation is an environmental tragedy. And with land becoming scarce, expansion of large plantation forestry cannot keep up.

Komaza works to unlock the potential of small-scale farmers to solve Africa's wood supply crisis. Collectively, small farmers possess limitless land and labor resources to plant billions of trees. Komaza provides farmers with support across the forestry value chain, from seedlings to sawmills. With a dramatically lower-cost and more-scalable forestry model, our vision is to become Africa’s largest forestry company, growing an environmentally-sustainable wood supply and generating truly life-changing income for millions of farmers. 


supporting Small farmers in commercial forestry


Komaza provides farmers with a comprehensive suite of products and services to earn income by growing trees. We are now developing the capacity and systems to scale this offering throughout coastal Kenya and far beyond. 


top-quality forestry inputs & Knowledge

We have identified top-performing tree species for coastal Kenya, mapped the best planting areas, developed one of East Africa's largest seedling nurseries, and optimized planting inputs and tools for micro-forestry. Komaza provides all inputs and tools to farmers for free, in exchange for exclusive & fair tree harvesting rights. 

Extensive Training & lifetime Support

Komaza provides farmers with deep training and support, from initial land surveys and site preparation, to planting and seedling care, through to long-term monitoring and maintenance services for the lifetime of every farm. As a result, farmers are confident they're growing the best trees and applying best practices. 

Tree HARVESTing, Processing & Sales

Selective harvesting to maximize long-term profit is a science. Trees are heavy and hard to transport. Value-adding wood processing requires economies of scale and serious equipment. Markets are complex and dynamic. Komaza does all this hard work while offering farmers life-changing income to maximize our impact.  

big Business Opportunity

Learn about Africa's forestry market failure, and how Komaza's disruptive business model can capture a sizable share of a booming multi-billion-dollar market.

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Social & environmental Impact

Learn how we create life-changing income for some of the poorest people on the planet, while helping to conserve Africa's natural forests by creating a sustainable wood supply.

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