Our Company Values

Komaza is growing. In the next two years, we'll expand from 125 to 400 full-time staff, while preparing for continued fast growth in the future. 

This means career opportunities. We're seeking rock stars for every level and department, and we will hand off responsibility as fast as you can take it. 

We are committed to building strong, hardworking teams with a positive, collaborative work culture. We all feel deep excitement for our shared vision -- to build a disruptive forestry company that will create life-changing income for our partner farmers. If this sounds fun, join us!

Komaza is a deeply values-driven organization. Our founding mission is to create transformative income for our farmers, and we apply the following tenets to our work: 

Create Real Impact

We fight poverty and deforestation. We seek teammates who share our determination to make a positive dent on our common world. Our business depends on building more prosperous lives for our farmers. We take our mission seriously and work hard to ensure we deliver life-changing impact for our partner farmers. This is much more than an 8-5; this is our calling. 

Think BIG

We're targeting massive global problems, and our model has huge potential to scale. The work is demanding, and our business is still high-risk. We're all investing our most precious resource: time from our short lives. It's not worth adding a drop to a desert; we need an ocean. We seek partners who share our ambition and hustle to impact millions of farmers. 

Build the Future

We are a forestry company. We think in decades and generations, not just quarters. We can build a prosperous, sustainable future, but only if we work on what is big-picture important, rather than seemingly urgent. To bridge present to future, we ask: Where must we be in 3-5-10 years? What's the critical path to get there? How do we maintain laser focus on those priorities?

Lead to Serve

Komaza is only viable as a win-win-win for company, staff and farmers. Ruling with autocratic power will fail miserably. We need people who sincerely serve others first. From the boardroom to the field, we need people with good humor, humility, and deep empathy for all. Our leaders must be patient, good listeners, and focus on inspiring colleagues and supporting their growth.

Be Curious

We don't want "experts" who (can't) know it all. We need people who develop smart solutions through logical, critical, analytical, and lateral thinking in a collaborative problem-solving process. Don't reinvent the wheel; Google everything. We encourage challenging our ideas and actively seeking constructive feedback, combined with agile development: "Build it. Try it. Fix it."  

Embrace Diversity

By balancing tensions between seemingly contradictory values, we live the best of both worlds. We chase very demanding milestones, while remaining lean, scrappy and calm. We have unwavering confidence in our audacious vision, while remaining pragmatic realists. We work passionately with unrelenting hustle, while living happy, healthy lives in beautiful coastal Kilifi. 

We seek teammates eager to build challenging, fulfilling careers in our positive community. If you'd like to contribute your enthusiasm to our growing team, check out our job openings!