Our Company Values

Komaza is growing. In the next two years, we'll expand from 500 to 1,000 full-time staff, while preparing for continued fast growth in the future. 

This means career opportunities. We're seeking rock stars for every level and department, and we will hand off responsibility as fast as you can take it. 

We are committed to building strong, hardworking teams with a positive, collaborative work culture. We all feel deep excitement for our shared vision -- to build a disruptive forestry company that will create life-changing income for our partner farmers. If this sounds fun, join us!

Komaza is a deeply values-driven organization. Our founding mission is to create transformative income for our farmers, and we apply the following tenets to our work: 

One Dream

We are focused on making small farmers the future of African forestry. 

  • We believe small farmers can be a valued part of a big business.
  • We believe that we can do well by doing good.
  • We say no to many things so we can succeed at one thing.

Bold Ideas

We imagine new, creative ways to solve tough problems.

  • We are positive, optimistic, and solution-oriented.
  • We use creativity to triumph over disagreements.
  • We build off each other’s ideas to see where they can lead

Choose Wisely

We use logic, research, and experiments to pick the right path.

  • We question our assumptions and explain our thinking. 
  • We search Google, read articles, and interview others to get smart.
  • We build fast, launch, learn, repeat & grow.

Get Results

We work hard everyday to get one step closer to our big goal.

  • We are results-driven and strive for success one step at a time.
  • We value abilities and outcomes, not background, class, or status.
  • We are relentlessly honest in all things - big and small.

Keep Growing

We stay calm under pressure and learn from failure.

  • We work to understand challenges, rather than reacting to them.
  • We own our mistakes, rather than blaming others. 
  • We seek feedback and use it to keep getting better.

Go Team

We rely on each other to solve our greatest challenges.

  • We treat people with respect and kindness regardless of their “status.”
  • We value other departments as we value our farmers and customers.
  • We work together to solve problems, and consider many points of view.
  • We celebrate our successes and don’t forget to have fun!

We seek teammates eager to build challenging, fulfilling careers in our positive community. If you'd like to contribute your enthusiasm to our growing team, check out our job openings!