Coming Soon!

Komaza will soon establish industrial-scale wood processing facilities to add significant value to our wood and supply our markets with much-needed products at competitive prices. We have already secured investment for a CCA treatment plant and development plans are underway, and we look forward to establishing a small sawmill and a workshop to manufacture furniture and pre-fabricated housing components in the near future. 

long-life wood

Komaza is soon to establish the first CCA wood treatment plant in Coastal & Eastern Kenya! This equipment from South Africa will allow us to produce industry-leading long-life timber products resistant to fungal rot and insect attack. Outdoor fence posts, building poles, and electricity poles will boast a 25+ year lifespan, and indoor roofing rafters or construction timber will last 50+ years. Considering the borer beetles and hot, humid conditions on the coast, our treated products will offer significant competitive advantages over building with untreated wood. 

Sawn timber

We also plan to establish a small sawmill in 2019 in order to supply the market with much-needed timber. With no local forestry industry, there is currently no primary sawmill in Coastal & Eastern Kenya. All locally-consumed industrial timber is trucked in at great cost from Tanzania, Central/Western Kenya, Uganda, or the Congo, with some small-scale local timber production coming from incredibly inefficient chainsawing of planks from large indigenous trees. With a small-scale sawmill, drying kiln, and finger-jointing factory, Komaza will be able to produce high-quality long-length planks to serve growing construction and furniture markets.