Field Extension Network

People are the core of our business. Komaza supports our thousands of farmer partners through a pyramid of full-time field staff, organized in our Field Extension Network (FEN). Facilitators work with farmers in their villages to provide on-farm training and support. Field Officers conduct trainings and collect key data. Field Managers zip around on motorbikes to oversee these rural field teams. 

Our Field Extension Network is responsible for all field operations to successfully plant and grow high-quality woodlots with our farmers. They begin a planting season by enrolling farmers via social marketing, farmer onboarding and site selection. Staff then support and manage farmers through a few months of land preparation before distributing seedlings and inputs, conducting intensive trainings, and overseeing planting. Once trees are in the ground, our FEN ensures farmers are weeding, and provides regular follow up visits to count trees and measure growth. 

By hiring staff who work within their rural communities, we immediately tap into local social networks and deep on-the-ground logistics knowledge. Most field staff have limited education and formal work experience, so we provide intensive professional training and capacity building. Komaza has quickly become one of the leading formal employers in the region, providing valuable work opportunities for rural men, women and youth. Most of our field staff are also tree farmers themselves, and are the most important brand ambassadors to our communities. We provide good salaries and benefits, and work hard to build positive, productive team cultures.