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Komaza is harvesting hardwood Eucalyptus poles from our early plantings. We supply trees of all dimensions for any sized order: from 1-inch droppers up to 8-12 inch stout building poles. These trees are ideal building poles, fence posts, roofing rafters, or for conversion into sawn timber for furniture or fixtures. We can supply whole trees or poles cut to length, with or without bark. We'll deliver to your door, or you can pick up from our yard in Kilifi. 

Our clonal hybrid trees bred in South Africa are extremely straight and knot-free, compared to un-improved local eucalyptus species. Thanks to the harsh growing conditions on Kenya's coast, wood tests by South African experts show significantly higher wood density and lower sapwood content than other eucalyptus grown in Kenya, so our products will last longer.

Several customers have built sturdy houses and processed our wood into strong sawn timber for beautiful window frames and furniture. What do you want to build? We can help!


For inquiries, please call our office at (+254) (0)790 204 282, email us at sales@komaza.com, or complete the form below.

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