Seedling Nursery

Every great tree starts as a great seedling. To maximize quality and minimize costs, over the last few years Komaza has developed one of Kenya's leading nurseries in rural Kilifi county. Now with a production capacity approaching 2 million seedlings annually, we operate one of East Africa's largest nurseries and can plant more trees every year than in the past decade combined. 

Establishing a successful nursery goes well beyond building infrastructure and training staff. We have optimized seedling propagation technologies and protocols for our species, environment, and unique operational requirements. We are happy to be achieving great results without the fanciest (read: expensive!) equipment, with a dedicated team raising seedlings with great care and diligence. 

We are especially proud of our continuous nursery R&D to develop and optimize our proprietary production techniques. For example, Melia volkensii is infamous as especially challenging to propagate, with most nurseries recovering just 30-40% of plantable seedlings from original seeds; our delicate germination process is currently achieving over 80% yields in mini-greenhouses. At any given time we are managing a handful of experiments to further refine our processes in order to scale and replicate our industry-leading nurseries to supply Komaza's large-scale tree planting initiatives.